Empowering Major Donors for Greater Impact

March 29, 2022
Empowering Major Donors for Greater Impact

In the world of nonprofit fundraising, major donors are the cornerstone of our success. These "whale donors" not only provide significant financial support but also serve as passionate advocates for our organization. Today, we're exploring how we can identify our top donors and empower them to play a more active role in motivating others to join in donating.

Who are your top 3 donors?

The first step is to simply Identify your Top 3 donors. These are individuals or organizations who have shown a clear investment in your organization, both financially and emotionally. By analyzing their giving history and engagement, we can pinpoint these key supporters.

Empower Your Major Donors to Motivate Others.

Once you’ve identified your top 3 donors, the next step is to empower them to motivate others to join in donating. Here are several strategies to consider:

Tell Their Story: Major donors have a unique and compelling story to tell about why they are so invested in our organizations. By sharing their personal journey and connection to our mission, whether as part of a fundraising campaign or a simple social media post, they can inspire others to get involved and make a difference.

Have Them Make The Ask: Major donors are often influential members of their communities or networks. Empower them to make the ask and encourage others to join in. Their endorsement carries weight and can be a powerful motivator for others to take action.

Ask Them to Join Your Board: Invite major donors to join your board of directors or advisory board. Their insight, expertise, and passion can help shape the strategic direction of our organizations and attract other high-level donors.

Major donors are not just financial supporters; they are vital partners in our mission. By empowering them to play a more active role in motivating others to give of their time and resources, we can maximize their impact and create a ripple effect of generosity within our community!