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See how nonprofits and businesses are increasing their impact without increasing their headcount.

We're reimagining the way missional organizations work with outside talent.

Our unique subscription service combines impact-driven freelancers from the United States, with purpose-built technology and the ease of a dedicated project manager to deliver a game-changing experience for you.

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Yes, we use our own service because it makes our lives easier too!
“The best part of using Share for our marketing team is that we have a go-to person that will always help us when we’re worried about a project or don’t know what to do.”
Sarah Jeffries
SVP of Advancement & Communications

Work with the largest community of impact-driven freelancers in the United States.

Use our freelancer marketplace to find, hire, and work with designers, marketers, copywriters, and videographers when you need to get work done fast.

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Here are the outcomes you can expect with Share:

Scale your marketing output with a flexible team of impact-driven creatives and marketers.
Increase your capacity during busy seasons and big projects, without increasing headcount.
Get continuous marketing feedback and new marketing strategies from your dedicated Squad Leader.
Access to a broad range of hard to find marketing and creative talent.
Get help bringing your strategic and long-term projects to life.
Reduce project load on your in-house team to prevent burnout and staff turnover.

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