3 Reasons Why Any Pastor Can Build a Remote Team

Believe it or not, there are Churches who are growing right now. Maybe your Church is one of them. And that’s exciting right? Yay! Woohoo! Growth!
March 29, 2022
3 Reasons Why Any Pastor Can Build a Remote Team

Growth is amazing. You have more congregants than you can keep up with (it’s possible). You’re learning how to operate every new software necessary to stream services on Sunday (do I press that button?). You’re starting a new small group (need to pick a curriculum for that). You’re still the one running your social media (gotta add Twitter). Your inbox has 7,823 unread messages (could be worse). Life to the fullest, right?

You might be realizing there’s not enough of you to go around.

In business and Church alike, the solution for having too much work is usually a new employee. Too much work? Hire someone! If that work is boots-on-the-ground ministry, I agree. Hire away.

But before you decide to hire one person to take on all those responsibilities, let’s consider your options.

1. Everything that does not need be done in-person can be done remotely.

If what you need is someone to make you graphics or edit a video or produce a podcast or build a website or monitor your social media profiles or manage your calendar or answer your emails or write your blogs or do a word study on the Hebrew word for “water”… does that work actually need to be done under your Church’s roof?

What if someone in Yakima, Washington, or Palm Harbor, Florida, could do it for you? What if that was their specialty and they would love to do it for you? Would it matter that they are in Washington or Florida? Wouldn’t they just send it through the interwebs the same way someone on-site would?

Work that needs to be done for your Church does not need to be done in your Church.

If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that you can do virtually anything virtually.

2. Using freelancers gives you access to specialized talent.

When you work with a freelancer, you work with a professional who specializes in exactly what you want done and does it when you need it. Cue music: Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it!

Instead of hiring one person (Cinderella) who could take on the tasks listed above (her laundry list), you could outsource those tasks to professionals.

That sounds intuitive, because it is. Wouldn’t that be nice?

You want graphic design work done. You put the word out and get proposals. You pick a freelancer. Maybe you develop a relationship with that freelancer and you contract them for a few hours a month to create what you need. When you need graphics, you ask and they give them to you.

You can have the same relationship with a video editor. And a web designer. Also a content writer. Don’t forget your social media manager.

P.S.: If you get a virtual assistant for a few hours a week, they can manage your whole team for you.

3. There is a growing team of Christian freelancers you can use right now to build your team.

Share is a growing community of Christian freelancers all gathered in one place for your browsing convenience. Churches create projects explaining what they want (a.k.a. Cinderella’s itemized laundry list above) and freelancers will happily submit their proposals.

If you need a new website, you can go straight to your Christian freelance community at Share and find one. If you would like to work with a social media manager, go for it. Graphic designers. Video editors. Content writers. Sermon preppers (well, it’s a word now). We have them all.

We are collecting an amazing group of people and we hope you’ll build relationships through our platform. If you want to sample work from every designer we have, you can. That’s the beauty of freelance.

Easy-to-find, on-demand, specialized ministry talent. That’s what Share is made of.

If you want to learn more about building your freelance ministry team, contact us and we’ll help you get started.