4 Reasons to Use Share Freelancers for Your Church

Freelance ministry was not covered in seminary. I get that. The concept of using freelancers on a regular basis is pretty foreign for most Churches. However, if you’re ready to step into the flexibility offered by freelancers, here are 4 reasons to use Share to find them.
March 29, 2022
4 Reasons to Use Share Freelancers for Your Church

1. Everything in One Place

Our goal is for Share to be a one-stop freelance marketplace. The services our freelancers provide are varied and flexible.

Right now our freelancers offer services in the following areas:

Audio/Podcast — Bookkeeping — ChMS/Data Management — Consulting — Content Creation/Writing — Graphic Design — Marketing/Social Media — Programming/App Development — Project Management — Sermon Research — Translation/Interpretation — Video Editing/Post-production — Virtual Assistants — Visual Arts — Website Design

If you need help with any of those things (and more if you can think of them), you can go to one place and post a project. No searching the web. No scouring the internet. No hassle.

2. Payroll is so much easier

Without getting into too much IRS jargon, Share’s pay structure allows you to pay Share and Share pays the freelancers for you. That makes us a payment processor, which means you don’t have to issue them 1099’s at the end of the year. You’re welcome.

For most Churches, that’s a pretty big sell, especially if you live in California…

3. Transparency in pricing

When freelancers issue their proposals, the pricing is built in. Before you work with a freelancer, their hourly rate is listed on their freelancer profile. You can compare freelancers by their rates, skills, etc. within Share’s platform.

Churches also list their price for the project when they post it, which means freelancers know what they’re getting into as well. Each freelancer proposal will tell the Church what they’re willing to offer for that price and the Churches can make their decision.

Easy peasy. Hopefully, you’re noticing a trend here.

4. Trust

Life happens. Sometimes transactions or projects don’t go the way you thought they would. Without Share, we have heard of freelancers not receiving payment from Churches or freelancers ghosting Churches. There are other issues like kitchen sink syndrome (the client requests too many revisions) or deadline disregard (the freelancer doesn’t complete projects on time) that can come up in freelance relationships. The peril of living in a Share-less world is that you’re on your own.

If and when these situations arise, Share acts not just as a marketplace, but as an advocate for both the Church and the Freelancer. We are relationship managers and project advocates. We are here to help you get the job done.

Bonus Round: Hear what some of our Advisors have to say about Share.

You may not know, but we have a bomb board of Advisors. Here’s what a few of them have to say about Share.

Nona Jones |Head of Faith-Based Partnerships at Facebook, and Co-Pastor of Open Door Ministries

I believe tech has the power to advance the kingdom in wonderful ways and, as a co-pastor of a small church, I know how important it is to maximize your resources. Share can do that.

Jason Malec | Executive Consultant, former Managing Director of the American Bible Society

I see the need for a dedicated church (or at least faith-based) marketplace to help church leaders locate and employ specialized experts at non-full-time rates. I believe Share could be a game-changing solution as tomorrow’s Church adapts to the changing economic landscape.

Jeff Hook | Founder & CEO of Communitas Technologies

Growing up a pastor’s son, I really have a heart for the future of the local church. I really like Matt and appreciate his vision to help churches augment their human resources through the Share platform. It was a “no brainer.”

We hope you are as excited about Share as we are. If you’re ready to see how we can help your Church maximize their impact, email us at