An Opportunity To Innovate

Venture with me to high school economics for a few minutes.
March 29, 2022
An Opportunity To Innovate

The Laws of Supply and Demand. Your teacher explains the concept in tones that resonate somewhere in the comprehensible decibels of an orca whale.

When there is a higher demand than supply, prices increase. When there is a higher supply than demand, prices decrease.

Simple enough.

But what happens when the law breaks? What happens when demand for a service is at an all-time high and price (or in this case revenue) is at a crushing low?

That’s the situation faith-based non-profits across America are currently facing. The need for their services is higher than ever. At the same time revenue is down.

There are no easy solutions. So I won’t attempt to offer one. Instead, I’d like to commend a simple thought.

Non-profits have the greatest opportunity in their history to innovate in order to better serve their communities.

It’s an opportunity to find new ways to become efficient and to get creative in ways that times of status quo don’t force upon us.

God has a way of using challenges to show up in incredible ways. Think of Jesus feeding the 5,000. There was a logistics challenge that seemed impossible to overcome. Yet God used this as an opportunity to expand the disciple's view of what was possible when following this man named Jesus.

Your organization has the God-given opportunity now to pivot, restructure, and refine in ways that you would have never considered possible in the past. Embrace that opportunity.

One way to embrace the opportunity is by taking a look at the way you work. Staffing by far the largest expense for any non-profit. Finding the talent you need who is passionate about serving your community is often difficult. What if your non-profit began looking at building remote teams to staff? What if hiring contractors instead of full-time employees allowed you to cut expenses by 3% a year? What would that mean to your budget and the people you serve?

P.S. I built Share because I believe that embracing remote teams is the future of how the church works. If you’re interested in embracing this new opportunity then check out