Church Email Subject Lines That Crush

You've probably heard the statistic that a staggering 90% of email is deleted without being read. Here are some tips to get your emails into the 10%
March 29, 2022
Church Email Subject Lines That Crush

If you’re like most comms directors, you probably spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to get people to read your emails. And if you aren’t like most comms directors, then you probably still want to know what makes a good email subject line. If you've been sending out boring, generic emails with no real purpose, it's time to step up your game.

I’m going to give you three specific tips for creating engaging email subject lines for church members that they will actually read. 

Tip #1: Get personal

The best way to get someone's attention is by making it personal — even if it's just slightly so. Personalize your subject line so they know they're getting something tailored just for them. For example, if you're sending an email blast about an upcoming event at your church and one person has already RSVPed yes and another person hasn't responded yet, you can send an individualized subject line like "Hey [name], are you coming to ___?” (this also check’s off Tip #3)

Tip #2: Appeal to your members’ interests.

People are more likely to open an email when it’s something that interests them. This is especially true for church members who have been around for a while. If they’ve been around for less than six months, they may not be familiar with the types of things you send out and might be more hesitant to open an email from someone they don’t know very well.

The best way to appeal to their interests is by using personalization techniques in your subject lines. For instance, if a member has just joined the church, mention it in your subject line! “Welcome Home! Our Prayer For You Is…”

If there is a community service opportunity coming up, let them know about it! “Hope You Can Join Us On _____”

Tip #3: Ask a question

Questions get people reading, because they have to know the answer. Try asking something related to your church's mission or ministry, like "How can we help you grow closer to God?" or "Do you want us to bring the message this week?"

This will dramatically improve your open rates and actually get people to read your emails.

Takeaway: Email still matters, so you should make them better!

The bottom line is that your church newsletter emails need to be succinct and direct. Keeping it brief will ensure that members don't get distracted by other things as they read or scroll through the email on their phones or tablets. Emphasis on the word easy – it's not about being fancy or making a huge impression. That can come later. It's about delivering the information you want to share in a digestible fashion.