How Can I Do Church Online Better? — We Know Who Has Answers

Here at Share, we are all about making friends. We especially love partnering with people who share our vision of helping the church work smarter.
March 29, 2022
How Can I Do Church Online Better? — We Know Who Has Answers

One of the great joys of working in the Christian world is finding other people who get why we work so hard for churches. They are working hard too. Jeff Reed and the team at TheChurch.Digital are those people.

Last week, Matt Lombardi and I attended an awesome conference by Stadia Church Planting all about how to “do” church online. If you’ve never heard of Stadia or TheChurch.Digital, do yourself a favor and go check out their blog, podcast and Facebook group. (If you don’t know why you should join a Facebook group to help your church, read this.)

Stadia is committed to helping churches learn how to grow “phygital” communities (physical + digital = phygital) and they keep coming up with more resources to do that.


When Jeff Reed had Matt Lombardi on TheChurch.Digital podcast, they talked about experimentation in the church and the need for creative freelance talent. If you’ve ever wondered how that might work, have a listen.

Jeff Reed and Rey DeArmas from Christ Fellowship Miami Online just released a second podcast called the Beta Show where they answer real questions sent to them by church leaders can text them.

E-Book & Blogs

Not sure how the digital approach fits into evangelism or discipleship? Check out The Phygital Church Mindset eBook available here.

Need some practical ideas on how to pull off online missionary work? Check out this blog post.

Facebook Group

Want to know where the other pastors with these questions hang out? Hop on over to Being the Church Online Facebook group.


Stadia also has a backlog of webinars to replay on everything from Coronavirus & Your Church (the inexhaustible topic in the church world) to The Opportunity of Easter Online, which I’m sure would also be applicable to Christmas

Phygital Learning Communities

If your church has the bandwidth to really dive into to “phygital” church, this is the place to do it. Join a 12-week cohort of other church leaders committed to developing a strategy for their phygital churches.

Hopefully, you’re noticing a pattern here. These people are committed to your success as a church in the digital (phygital) space.

If you are struggling with the “hows” and “whys” of doing church online (and I think we can agree they are many), there is help.

Stadia’s primary focus is planting churches, but many established churches feel a little like church planters right now, right? Don’t feel bad. You’re not alone. Go find some new friends and tell them we sent you.

Also, FYI, this is not a “sponsored” post. We just think what Stadia is doing is awesome and we’re spreading the word. There is help for church leaders here. Dive in to some good content and get answers for your congregation.