Maximizing Your Giving Tuesday Impact

Don't let it be a one-and-done event. Make sure your Giving Tuesday is just the KICKOFF of your end-of-year giving, not the whole strategy.
March 29, 2022
Maximizing Your Giving Tuesday Impact

At Share, we understand the power of Giving Tuesday and its significance for Christian non-profits. This annual day of philanthropy is more than just a 24-hour fundraising frenzy; it's a golden opportunity to boost your end-of-year giving and engage with your supporters in meaningful ways.

In this week's blog post, we'll share practical tips to help you get more out of Giving Tuesday and turn it into the kickoff of a successful year-end campaign.

Don't Stop at Giving Tuesday!

Giving Tuesday is a fantastic day to rally your supporters and secure critical funding.

However, it should be the starting point, not the finish line of your year-end giving strategy. We recommend creating a unified call to action on Giving Tuesday that extends through the end of the year. Keeping a consistent ask will help maintain momentum and drive long-term engagement.

Don't let it be a one-and-done event. Make sure your Giving Tuesday is just the KICKOFF of your end-of-year giving, not the whole strategy. We'd suggest a unified call to action for your Giving Tuesday kickoff that runs through the end of year. Keep consistent with the ask.

Get Creative and Stand Out

Giving Tuesday provides an excellent opportunity to think outside the box. In a crowded charitable landscape, a unique and attention-grabbing idea can make all the difference. The more innovative and unconventional your campaign, the more likely it is to gain media attention and capture the hearts of your supporters. Don't be afraid to take risks, but remember not to simply rehash old concepts.

Implement Smart Retargeting

Just because someone doesn't give on Giving Tuesday doesn't mean you abandon them. Make sure your tracking pixels are firing correctly and run strategic ads to abandoned carts or people who didn't give yet visited your campaign landing page. Target them throughout the end of the year with consistent messaging.

One common mistake non-profits make is to assume that supporters who didn't donate on Giving Tuesday are a lost cause. Instead, implement retargeting strategies to keep these potential donors engaged. Ensure that your tracking pixels are functioning correctly, and run strategic ads to reach those who visited your campaign landing page but didn't donate.

Maintain a consistent message from Giving Tuesday throughout the end of the year. This persistence can make all the difference in converting hesitant donors.

Segment Your Offers

Don't have to get crazy here but depending on your level of complexity you'll want some level of segmentation. For example you REALLLLLLLLY don't want to be sending mega-donors a first time donor appeal.

Segmentation is key to a successful year-end campaign. Different supporters have different needs and motivations. You wouldn't want to send the same message to first-time donors as you would to your long-standing supporters or major donors.

Tailor your appeals to various donor segments to maximize engagement and contributions. Personalization is powerful.

Giving Tuesday is an invaluable opportunity for Christian non-profits, but it should be seen as a launchpad for your year-end giving efforts, not the entire strategy. By thinking outside the box, implementing retargeting, and segmenting your offers, you can make the most of this day and ensure a strong finish to your fundraising efforts.

Remember, at Share, we're here to support you with our freelance talent and marketing services.

Together, let's make this Giving Tuesday one to remember!