Top 5 Projects for Churches to Outsource

For a lot of us in ministry work, outsourcing may seem like a foreign concept, but for some Churches, it’s literally a God-send. Outsourcing simply means to obtain goods or services from an outside source. If you’re a Church who contracts a freelancer, you have outsourced a project.
March 29, 2022
Top 5 Projects for Churches to Outsource

When is outsourcing helpful?

  • Your Church is growing faster than your staff can keep up, but you’re not ready to commit to a new staff member.
  • Your Church is far away from the city center and you have difficulty getting staff to come to you.
  • Your team works great most of the year, but is overwhelmed around Easter, Christmas or big event launches.
  • You have new projects you are rolling out and they are taxing your staff.
  • Your Church’s giving is fluctuating, but you need more help.
  • You are planting a Church and are not ready to bring on staff.

If any of these situations sound like you (and even if they don’t), here are the top 5 projects your Church can outsource today.

1. Social Media Graphics

Since COVID, everyone is leveling up their social media game. Many Churches are bringing on more staff (or freelancers) to manage their social media, but pumping out graphics is a job all its own.

Any social media manager will tell you the work goes much quicker when the content is ready for distribution. Outsource your social media graphics for the upcoming sermon series, fall launch, small groups, and social media will go that much faster.

2. Sunday Service Video Editing

Many Churches throughout the country are still pre-recording their services. Even if you aren’t still pre-recording, unless you have a camera crew doing the production work live, you still have to clean up your Sunday service footage to post it online.

Imagine if you could throw that footage at a video editor and they would just do it for you. If your Church does not have a video editor to do this (or if that person is overwhelmed with work), you could contract a freelancer to take care of this for you.

3. Small Group Curriculum

If your Church uses curriculum for their small group, you can buy a curriculum, or you can contract a freelancer to create one for you.

Have a special theme in mind? Need to modify existing content so that it functions as a small group curriculum? One of our freelance content writers can take care of that.

4. ChMS Set Up

While Church Management Software is super helpful, they are not usually super fun to set up. You don’t have to figure that out yourself. You can outsource that.

In fact, if you outsource the set up and decide you don’t want to deal with it even again, you can outsource the maintenance as well…

5. Podcast Editing

Podcasting is fun, right? Editing is not always so fun…

Many Churches are adding podcasts to their repertoire, or at the very least offering audio recordings of the sermon. If you want someone to prepare those episodes for you and put them up on Spotify, we have freelancers for that.

Would you like fries with that?

The secret some Churches are already figuring out is that having a flexible team is easier than ever before. Freelancers allow you to grow or shrink your team as necessary. If you find someone indispensable, keep them. If you need short-term help to get you through a rough patch, it’s available.

At Share, we are building a community of ministry-minded freelancers who are happy to serve your Church with whatever you need. There are a million more things that a Share freelancer can help you with. That may be a slight exaggeration, but you get the point…

Join our community today to see how our freelancers can help you win this year.